by Kate Marks

Looking Glass Theatre

New York, NY


Starring Kiersten Armstrong, Frank Leone, Carolina Ravassa, Scott Raven
Puppets Kate Abdalla - Original Composition Jeff Fowler - AD/SM Laura Brienza

On an empty subway platform, somewhere in Brooklyn, three performers await their audiences – Roy, self-proclaimed Poet of the Underworld who tells us he's been published by the New York Times, Kit, a hula hooping knife swallower, and Rhett, a dashing ballroom dancer whose partner is a lovely life-sized doll. And there's a swing bang, played by a motley crew of shadow puppets... 

In a world reminiscent of Godot's, where time seems to have stopped and the train never comes, Kate Marks whimsically muses on why we, both as artists and human beings, have a constant desire to be appreciated and a fear of being forgotten, only to remind us that there is always someone standing next to us and at least a glimmer of light at the end of each dark tunnel. 

© Photography by Kate Abdalla