Staged Reading of Bryony Lavery's Frozen

Inlandsis (French Title)

Translation Pierre Laurent
Starring Gabrielle Forest, Aurélien Gouas, Stéphanie Sphyras, Grégoire Tachnakian
Video Aurélien Le Guérinel

March 13, 2017

La Maison des Auteurs de la SACD
75009 Paris


Les Sacs

Co-created with Noisette Lécrivain
- Currently in development - 

The Bags ("Les Sacs") live in boxes. They go to work, to school, and watch the news before going to bed at night. And it all starts over when the Law frantically blows his whistle again. 

That is, until P'tit Vif comes to town and a world of possibilities rises from the bottom of each Bag... 

But are new worlds better than the old ones?
Or simply thrilling and full of idealism?

Street performance for 2 puppeteers and 1 musician

La Compagnie Pile Pan

– Theater for the here and now –

We're interested in...

Human nature and all the chaos of its desires and emotions.
Magic, whether it is visible or invisible. 
The poetry of the stage. 

We want to...

Be challenged, transported, shaken. 

Come along! You're invited. 

Based in Paris, la Compagnie Pile Pan was created in 2015 and is primarily dedicated to the works of contemporary playwrights as well as the creation of site-specific immersive pieces.