by Kate Marks

Wings Theatre / Zephyer Rep

New York, NY


Starring Matt Carpenter, Brigitte Choura, Jenné Claiborne, Akua Doku, David Green, Sergio LoDolce, Matthew Lynch, Teddy Lytle, Chris Pappas, Tamar Pelzig, Jessica Seley, Elena Skopetos, Biniam Tekola, Roger Yeh, Yokko
Lights Dylan Uremovich - Costumes Katherine Akiko Day
AD + Choreography Chie Morita - PSM Emily Rolston

Coming up with the Trojan Horse worked out pretty well for Odysseus. Except it all just went downhill from there... 

Athena's most clever student now has to pass through endless trials in order to shed all the layers of his hubris as he makes his way home to Ithaca. But Kate Marks' imaginative adaptation makes it as entertaining for us as it is gruelling for Homer's tragic hero.

Who said Tiresias couldn't be an old queen spinning her disco ball in the Underworld? The Cyclops a spoiled brat screaming for his punk Daddy Poseidon? Circe a feminist Toulouse-Lautrec grand dame who whips her adoring pigs into submission?

Full of wonder, magic, and silly jokes, this acrobatic whirlwind of a journey invites us all to contemplate our own life stories and our endless dance with fate. 

 © Photography by Chie Morita