Polaroid Stories

by Naomi Iizuka

Translated by Lyubov Kostova

National Palace of Culture / Melting Clock Station

Sofia, Bulgaria


Starring Veselin Anchev, Antony Argirov, Lydia Indjova, Elen Koleva, Stoyan Mladenov, Andronia Popova, Daniel Rashev, Nadya Stefanova, Stiliyan Stoyanov, Stella Stoyanova
Set Sabina Hristova - Costumes Eva Vento - Lights Emo Georgiev
Original Composition Mihail Yossifov, Andronia Popova, Todor Karastoyanov
Choreography Mila Iskrenova - Video Lyubomir Draganov - AD Martin Vangelov  


Loosely inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses as well as interviews with street kids, Polaroid Stories reimagines the mythological tales and imbues a difficult and complex reality with a rare kind of poetry. So we meet D(ionysus) who sells gateways to better worlds in small plastic packets, Eurydice who crosses the River of Forgetfulness to escape from Orpheus’ harassment and become a minion to the Queen of the Underworld, Narcissus who sells his body to rich men, or Philomela who hides her shame at the bottom of a supermarket cart while her haunting song echoes in the night.

Throughout these interwoven stories, Naomi Iizuka examines how psychic transformation unfolds, or how the obstacles we face in life end up shaping who we are. With Ovid, those who have suffered become birds, flowers, or rivers in order to escape. While the symbolism and many of the original images remain, the various journeys in Polaroid Stories take place in a world that is much more visceral and raw as they reflect the joy, despair, meanderings, and ultimate growth of lost souls in pursuit of their dreams and their truth.    

© Photography by Clamer Design