Co-created with Eileen Goddard

133rd St Art Center Lab

Harlem, NY


Starring Olithea Anglin, Liz Hanley, Erin McCarson, Rebecca Nerz, Tiffany Nicole, Yokko
Sound Design Thomas Lebioda

SKIN is an original performance + installation piece featuring 5 actresses and 1 violinist. Based on the real stories of women and their bodies, the show takes the viewer on an immersive journey that blends poetry, live music, and movement to create a raw emotional landscape that cycles between ludicrous situations, states of child-like wonder, and the dark, obsessive world of eating disorders.

Intimate everyday moments follow one another like vignettes without a specific narrative or chronological order as the audience wanders freely throughout the space, as in an art gallery. Only in this case, the works are alive, each simultaneously evolving in her own world.   

 © Photography by Nick Bixby & Eileen Goddard