Twelfth Night

by William Shakespeare

Looking Glass Theatre

New York, NY


Starring Kevin Bunge, Michael DeSantis, Charlie Gorrilla, Rob Klein, Amie Lytle, Greg McGoon, Jacob Mondry, Rebecca Nerz, Elliot Wadsworth, Jillian Walker
AD/SM Karyn Joy DeYoung

Shakespeare's bubbly comedy about love, desire, and the madness that inevitably follows makes its way to Hollywood where wild parties rage as melancholy romantics and puritans brood. Everyone has a story to tell and a secret agenda to sell, until all the masks finally fall away...

But turning the world upside down, as the traditional masquerades of the twelfth night of Christmas would have us do, is also very revealing and Shakespeare once again eerily reminds us of our own times by having a woman who dresses up as a man in order to survive in a man's world and try to conceal her vulnerability, a man who plays the clown in an attempt rise up in society, and of course the official fool who turns out to be the wisest of all.   


© Photography by Chie Morita